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Real-Time Analytics for the Mobile Web

Page Flows
Top Devices
How well is your mobile website performing?

Do you really know? Throw out the guesswork. Deckstats is a real-time analytics solution that answers questions such as:
  • How many unique visitors come to my site daily?
  • What handsets and carriers do they use?
  • How sticky is my mobile site?
  • How loyal are my visitors?
  • What are the top pages and channels on my site?
  • What specific pages have the highest exit rates?
  • Are my campaigns reaching their goals?
  • What are the top searches on my site?
  • ...and many, many more!
Simple Implementation
  • Supports all handsets.
  • Just add two lines of XHTML code.
  • No log files to manipulate and process.
  • Unobtrusive. Zero impact on your site's performance.
And, the wait is over.
Deckstats is now available for free.
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